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Dear Friends:
On behalf of the Kentucky Association of Chinese American Professionals (KYACAP), I would like to call for your help for our dear fellow UK student and violinist, Duo-He (Victor). As you may have heard, Victor is currently suffering a seizure disorder that may require risky brain surgery. Victor is a talented violinist and has done a lot for this community. He has performed many times for our association's events and we all enjoyed his beautiful music. His sickness has posed a severe threat to his health, study and career and he is now in a very difficult situation. He has been working very hard to support himself since the University provides little financial support for him. Now his parents are here to help him to cope with this critical time. His friends have been doing their best to help Victor but greater needs are ahead. Victor has to quit his job of teaching kids playing violin because of his sickness, leaving him with no income to cover the living expenses for him and his parents. His expected surgery and medicine will result in a huge financial burden. I urgently ask everyone in the community to reach out and help him and his family in every way you can. The following are the things that they need at the present time:

* Financial support. Any amount will be appreciated. Please make the check payable to KYACAP with a note "Victor Fund" at the bottom. You can mail the check to:

PO BOX 910186
Lexington KY 40591-0186

You can also drop it off to any board member or officer who is closest to you. If you can not afford to help now or you are out of town for a long time, you can pledge now by returning an e-mail to me with a dollar number and pay later. The association will temporarily use its fund to cover your pledge.

* Although not preferred, food and other daily living items are also welcome. You can contact me for details on this.

* Victor's father can teach violin and his mother can teach singing, dancing and Chinese. If your children can benefit from their service, please let them or us know.

We are loving people. When one of our brothers encounters a major life obstacle, I am sure all of us will be eager to help. If all of us show love to Victor, he will know we all stand behind him to help him overcome the life challenges and tomorrow's life will be more beautiful! Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your support!

Daniel (Dongping) Tao
Kentucky Association of Chinese American Professionals (KYACAP)

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